A Rider (born to ride)

This is the post excerpt.


This is my very first post. It was my dream from childhood that I have to own a bike and traveling to the beautiful places with my bike. December 7,2016 my classic 350 has arrived which was the last gift which I have received from my father who died in car accident in month of November 16. 

He booked my classic 350 on the dated of ganesh chaturthi. I love royal Enfield classic 350 but why I love my bike it is because of its gift from my father.

So here in my first blog of my riding experiences I would like to introduce my bull.

I have to travel 40km(two and flow)every day for job. So I am lucky to ride it every day. 

I will travel a lot on this bull, but before that I would like to introduce how many types of bike and their pros and cons in my next blog. 

I have completed 5000 km riding in 3 months ,  learning never ends.

A Rider (Born to Ride) -02

First of all if you are bike lover  than must know that there are formaly 6 types of bikes.

(1) Cruiser (e.groyal Enfield classics,Triumph)

(2) Sports (e.g Kawasaki Ninja, KTM etc)

(3) Touring (e.g Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield)

(4) Standard (normal bikes like splendour, passion etc)

(5) Dual Use (Himalayan)

(6) Dirt bikes (Himalayan, Honda Crf, KTM Duke etc)

  • There are so many types of bikes available in market for Sport Touring like Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda CBR600, KAWASAKI Sinister.  
  • For intial start I suggest that you should start with Royal Enfield or KTM Or Honda CBR,R15 bcuz you don’t have enough experience of biking and these bikes are pretty cheaper..

    If you wanted to enjoy riding you should go for Royal Enfield, cuz it gives you perfect riding and touring experience.

    One day as usual I was surfing Facebook and found one fb page called Friends+Venture. It was group of professional Bikers from Ahmadabad.

    They planned various Road trips like the famous tour of leh-ladak, mount Abu tour, white Desert of kachha etc. In my notification I found event of mount Abu tour of 1night 2days. And that day I decide to go with that group.

    I was so exited cuz it was my virgin ride with classic 350. And yes i have to travel almost 800kms. Which contains off roading and mount biking. So I gather 3 other friends of mine to join me on this adventure.

    In next episode i will write about my experiance.